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Spiral Waves

We make fast-track lessons that turbo-boost your AI savvy.

Join the revolution with our AI maestros, delivering epic bite-sized videos that turbocharge your growth and make you a standout in the crowd.



Groove on the journey of growth with our slick, well-crafted videos that make learning a blast.

Be More Productive.

Generative AI can boost performance by up to 40%, it's not just about working harder, but working smarter, transforming the way you approach tasks, and redefining efficiency.


Stop dealing with freelancers. 

No dealing with expensive freelancers or employees. Save $50k+ a year vs. hiring full-time.

Work with a team you trust. 

Sakura AI is a buzzing hive of mavens and aficionados, totally vibing with their craft. Each project is their baby, nurtured with pride and a sprinkle of that special Sakura magic.

Customized Prompts

Achieve efficiency with optimized custom prompts tailored to your expertise

Data Analytics

Unlock insights at warp speed and make data-driven decisions with style.

Data Science

Unleash the power of data science, where machine learning meets big data, and transform raw, unstructured data into the sexiest insights of the 21st century.

Video explainers

Simplify complex ideas designed to educate and entertain

Product Demos

Show off your product and turn visitors into customers


We gave in. We can now train you in NLP and LLMs to enable you to tap into the zeitgeist, where cutting-edge tech meets the art of conversation, crafting digital dialogue that's as smooth and savvy as a Silicon Valley pitch. 

Customized Code

Unleash the power of customized accurate code tailored to your exact requirements and make your coding journey a breeze.

Motion Graphics

Dynamic animations and graphics that elevate your brand

Engineering & Manufacturing

Fed up with engineering tutorials that are as dry as a desert and shallow as a puddle? We got you covered. Step into the tech revolution with us and let's shake things up!

Spiral Waves

Use our platform to get a supersonic learning experience.

No confusing tutorials. No failed projects. No headaches.


Join & Share


Get Fast Feedback


Learn & Grow




Basic (Free)









$ 200/hr



Training Development


Custom Prompt/Material Development
Custom Training Development
World-Class Videos
Individual Sessions
Requirement Distillment
Tech Set Up
Data Preparation

Provide your requirements

Give us your wish list, and we'll morph it into mind-blowing masterpieces on overdrive. It's not just about meeting requirements, it's about crafting epic creations that are dialed up to eleven

We can help to clarify the requirements

Got a foggy vision of what you're after? No sweat, we've got your back. We'll help you distill your thoughts down to the nitty-gritty, making your ideas shine

We manage your requests in Jira

Drop your requests on Discord and watch us turn them into engineering masterpieces. Your project lead will be the maestro, orchestrating every detail to perfection

Give your feedback in Jira

Submerge yourself into our data science dream team where you can hit us up on Slack anytime you need a brainstorm or want to drop some feedback in Jira. We're your go-to squad, ready to roll with the insights and analytics that'll keep your projects on the cutting edge.

Have questions? 

Have more questions?
Book a free strategy call.

Book a Call

Which industry do you serve the most?  We're all about crafting the future in manufacturing, aerospace, and petroleum engineering, bringing a fresh, modern vibe to these traditional industries. But don't box us in - we're also diving headfirst into the interdisciplinary world of Data Science and analytics, turning data from any domain into the trendiest insights you've ever seen.

How many videos will I get for each plan? Step into the digital classroom where all educational videos are on the house, making learning accessible and fun. And when it comes to custom-ordered training videos, they're all yours - exclusive, private, and never showcased on our platform.

How long does it take to develop a lesson? We're in the lab, cooking up top-notch training development that takes 1-2 weeks, depending on how spicy the material gets. It's a multidisciplinary mix, blending the old school with the new wave, to keep you ahead of the curve.

Are you sure this will help me learn fast? We're not promising a lightning-fast learning experience, but hey, it's designed to help you groove with Generative AI. To really vibe with the material, you've got to practice, not just interact - it's all about that meaningful learning. And if you're feeling lost in the beat, our team's got your back, ready to help you find your rhythm.

How long does the project take? We're all about the groove of Data Science and Analytics projects, spinning raw data into gold in a 2-4 month jam session, depending on how complex the beat is. But remember, model maintenance isn't part of the set - that's a different gig altogether.

Do you offer trials or make example videos? Dive into the Sakura AI scene where every resource is on the house, no trials needed, just pure, unadulterated access. When you're ready to test the waters with our interdisciplinary toolkit, the Project Plan is your golden ticket – and you can peace out whenever you want, no strings attached.

What if I am not happy with my project? Hit us up for endless tweaks on your projects or lessons, 'cause we're all about perfecting your vibe until it's love at first sight. No cap, we'll keep refining your jam until it's pure fire.

How do I submit my content? We're gonna onboard you into Jira, our project management powerhouse, where you can drop your requirements and feedback like hot tracks. It's a smooth ride, no sweat at all.

I want to mentor/ get mentored. How do I get started? Kickstart your journey with the "Mentorship" package and vibe with the founder of Sakura AI. We're also serving up free mentorship and a chill space where volunteers can exchange knowledge and grow together. For the inside scoop, hit up the founder and get all the deets you need.

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