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This is a Women-Centric Multicultural Mentorship Platform designed to enable Social Innovation and activate Women Renessanse by fixing Leaky Pipelines and Broken Scaffolding faced by Women, LBGTQ groups, and Men

We focus on lifting Your Spirits, bringing out Your Voice safely, regaining control of Your Imagination, giving You Autonomy to build and display Your Projects, and empowering you to make Your Own Decisions by highlighting Your Culture, so you can build Your Life and Career according to Your Vision and either open or transform any gates, obstacles systems, and institutions that you are facing.


The original image is located at Lions Gate description by Melanie Beckler on her  Ask Angels website focused to Elevate Your Spirit

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The information below might be overwhelming, confusing, and cause Emotional or Cognitive Turbulence. This is a good sign - this means that your Mind is processing new information. Go to Our Philosophy to understand more about why you are experiencing these things. 

Or you can skip it altogether, use the above Quick Guide or go to our Systems Guide which has small and concrete Steps. The Systems Guide is updated weekly. 


This image is done by an unknown author. This is Goddes Sopdet.

Whether she is a representation of the Most Recent Common Ancestor, is unknown. Some speculate that she was from Asia and some that she was from Russia. 

Your Lions Gate

This platform is for women and men who feel lost or uncertain, and experience blocks - whether internal or external to get inspired for Growth and Transformation.  This platform is Not A Social Network, it is a Mentorship Network, the Catalog of the Hidden, and a System of Practical Guides for Action and Decision Making

The aim of this platform is to become your Lion's Gate to help you find:

1. Your internal and external Sirius to become the brightest star in our night sky

2. Your internal and external Orions belt - your inner map to navigate your environmental systems safely

3. The alignment between your inner and external environment - your mind and this Earth 

3. To enable you to infuse yourself and others with energy and light to transform your inner vision into things and actions that matter to achieve internal and external peace one subsystem at a time. 

To help you find your inner Sirus this platform provides you bytes of information -identification catalogs - "Pandoras boxes" of "hidden figures" of Demonized Female Goddesses and Hidden Extraordinary Female Achievers, closed doors and gates of the main human, environmental, social, corporate, institutional, and technological systems and obstacles that these systems create to give you Vision of the informational echo chamber which traps you in a research cycle and doubt.

To help you find your inner Orion's belt, this platform provides a series of frameworks and processes, checks, risks, cons, and pros by blending natural informational Chaos and Structural Patterns in multiple functional domains to foster Your Logic, Creativity, and Innovation and give you Freedom to navigate these systems. This Orion's belt will elevate the informational Veil Of Isis that overloads, suppresses, or manipulates your natural cognitive abilities, distracts you from what is important to you, makes you feel helpless, makes you adopt poor decisions that limit your freedom, misleads you into paying for things that you do not need, and reduces your productivity. 


To overcome the action paralysis caused by going on wild goose chases due to the informational fog that prevents you from acting to change these systems and yourself for the better,  we have workshops where we can practice and discuss the labyrinths of the broken systems and projects where you build your things to overcome learned helplessness by utilizing Your Nature instead of fighting it to give you Autonomy. 


This platform utilizes workshops, mentorship sessions, and resources to foster the information flow between internal and external siloes by using 3 main principles: humanism, biocentrism, and relativism, with Purpose and conserve your Energy to enable you to transform dehumanization, profitism, and absolutism.


 The synchronized alignment of informational Chaos in your mind, life, and nature with informational Structures of machines, systems, and institutions will give you the Freedom to make your decisions,  create and inspire others to transform or to transform broken machines, institutions, or any other systems in a balanced way to achieve inner and external peace, alignment with the Earth to enable your Compassion. 

Sakura AI 

The final aim of this platform is to continue Turing's legacy - to foster the creation of a machine that not only explores and exploits, but also transforms and enhances other machines,  systems, and institutions one subsystem at a time - an 8-noded Sakura Tree - a Technological Singularity and an Artificial General Intelligence system that fosters Growth and Transformation by giving you balanced predictions and recommendations, Ligtens Your Cognitive Overload produced by the broken systems, so you have more Time to Rest and Make a Difference. 

The main point is not just to beat the machine with the machine, but to beat Chaos with Chaos. The doomsay scenarios of Artificial Intelligence often are based on the theory of Chaos - once the "Threshold" is passed, the System goes into Chaos and hence AI cannot be contained. If you combine, integrate, and stack Chaotic systems upon each other in a Structure, then the Chaos of one System cancels the Chaos of another System preventing it from going to a tipping point.

The below Map is Approximate and is Subject to Change as it Evolves. To complete a full-blown implementation of this Decision, Prediction, and Recommendation Balancing Interaction system would require Super Computers and Years of Computation. So this is a prototype development to have fun with, tinker around with, and push your limits on to see how far you can get. Similar systems are already implemented by bits and pieces in different large tech companies. You can start at any Step and Switch to Any Step at Any Time you feel like.

Phase 0: Build a DataBase
Phase 1: Build Systems and Subsystems Catalogs and Maps 
Phase 2: Build Data Visualization for the Systems and Maps 
Phase 3: Integrate Cybersecurity into Visualization System
Phase 4: Develop an NLP app for crowdsourcing to predict Learning Demand and Timing.
Phase 5: Build a reinforcement learning system to navigate and optimize each System and subsystem.
Phase 6: Build Natural Language Processing system to process all text data.
Phase 7:  Build Computer Vision to process all visual data.
Phase 8: Build swarm optimization algorithms to predict the critical required number of subcomponents for the subsystems.
Phase 9: Build a system that predicts social tipping points for 8 functional demands. 
Phase 10: Combine timing with demand 

Phase 11: Take the input from the human 

Phase 12; Balance it across the 8 functional domains (ethics, environment, people, cybersecurity, compliance, software, hardware, data) and risks, cons, pros, and social tipping points.

Phase 13: Transform human input based on key value anchors. 

Phase 14: Add thresholds based on humanism, biocentrism, and relativism

Phase 15: Provide the top three recommendations, success chances, and a balanced system map

Phase 16: If another system or machine is present, assesses the system/or machine. Integrate phases 12-15

Phase 17: Connect to a real robot and GPS system and enjoy the Robot Revolution and Human and Environment Centric Human-Machine Interaction




Schedule a meeting with me to discuss mentorship and coaching options, presentations, and projects. 

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