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Our Motivation

  • More balanced future for our children ​

  • Help us to understand ourselves and others​

  • Empower our partners ​

  • Build awesome technology​

  • Balance the environment​

  • Start societal transformation​

  • Transform from survival to thriving mode​

  • Peace ​

Our Goal 

  1. Women-centric Modern Practical Navigational Guide via weekly meetings.

  2. This does not mean that all other groups are excluded. It means that a different, women-centric perspective is offered as a counter-balance. 

  3. Enable Societal Transformation by starting  Women Renaissance.

  4. Empower women and men to become reliable and dependable partners to each other and give them an ability to choose how to function as a couple or to thrive individually in all arenas: family, academia, corporate, and as entrepreneurs. 

  5. Moving in the opposite direction: “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex. It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction.” - Einstein

  6. Instead of asking and hearing silence, build skillsets so others want and choose to open doors for us: “You should never ask anyone for anything. Never- and especially from those who are more powerful than yourself. They will make the offer and they will give of their own accord.” - Bulgakov

  7. Break silos to information flow.

  8. Balance Society-Environment-Technology trade-off that ensures our survival as species and nature survival while having technological enablement. 

What We Do Differently 

  • We Enable Systematic Women Mentoring for All ages

  • We Enable The Informational Flow between Current Echo Chambers and Informational Sylos

  • We Reexamine and Reinvent all Existing Systems Layer By Layer

  • We Integrate Existing Systems in a Harmonious and Holistic Way

  • We Foster Change through Education and Innovation

  • We Create Human Centric Technology and STEM Centric Mentoring

  • We Offer a Different Perspective due to Our Multicultural Experience

  • We Reframe the Societal and Technological Perceptions of Women 

  • We Give You Safe Environment to Voice Your Struggles and Build Projects 

  • We Collaborate with Existing Institutions and Help Them To Transform Their Current Systems

Systematic Women Mentoring for All Ages 

  1. As we grow, we will visit schools, shelters, and other institutions to:  

    1. Educate girls, abused women and elderly women on current technological advancements and how to utilize modern technology in every day life. ​

    2. Collaborate with teachers in developing supplemental materials to aid future women and leaders in STEM. 

    3. Collaborate with women to build navigational systems and technical guides to navigate modern institutional systems​

  2. We will provide online mentoring 

    1. We will provide mentoring for all women who are interested in STEM​

  3. We will foster relationships with current institutions and corporations

    1. We will foster relationships with corporations to obtain funding and equipment to build quick prototypes for AGI development and to re-examine current STEM developments 

    2. We will foster relationships relationships with the U.S. Goverment institutions to apply systems thinking on how these systems could be improved

    3. We will foster relationships with corporate recruiters to re-establish the employment flow of diverse STEM professionals 

    4. We will foster relationships with local colleges to re-establish the flow into educational institutions

  4. We provide resources: discussions, classes, materials, articles, books, music, art, documentation, and human connections.

  5.  We do our homework and support each other. Build resumes, sales pitches, tech solutions, and LinkedIn profiles.

We Enable The Informational Flow between Current Echo Chambers and Informational Sylos

Polarization and its echo chambers create: 
  1. We enable the flourishing  of diversity associated with polarization

  2. By enabling the flourishing of diversity, we enable cooperation and the ability of societies to provide the public goods that make for a healthy society

  3. By education we enable all institutional and individual efforts to deal with critical issues facing societies

  4. We remove polarization by enable trust between people by eliminating blind spots and "epistemic bubbles"

  5. We slow down the speeding forces driven by polarization which result in a societal tipping point and possibly a civil war

  6. We take into account diverse view points that moderate each other and transform polarized views 

  7. We provide safe environment and, discuss our differences and leverage them to generate win-win solutions

  8. We work with cross-disciplinary experts to help us navigate and mentor complex systems

  9.  Examine belief systems in religion, cultural and racial norms, psychology, technology, philosophy, biology, and social theory.

  10. Utilize a dualistic perspective: discuss the benefits and downfalls of each system and transform these beliefs into the ones that aid us.

  11. Escape the entrapment of binary thinking: think gray and find the "connection bridges" - positive "specific anchors": which all genders can utilize to help each other without demonizing the components/people/systems of beliefs that do not work for them.

  12. Develop strategies and milestones based on those anchors on how to navigate these systems in a healthy way.

You can read about "Political polarization and its echo chambers: surprising new, cross-disciplinary perspectives from Princenton"

We ReExamine and ReInvent All Current Systems Layer By Layer

All current institutional systems and technology are based on the same ideas that were utilized for the last two centuries which results in delays in technological, scientific and people management: 

  1. We let our minds be wild and dare to dream centuries ahead 

  2. We identify our hidden passions and blind spots in the current systems

  3. We examine our history and all current technology so we can learn from the mistakes of others 

  4. We play with multiple prototypes until they make sense

  5. We use our dreams to reshape our futures for the generations ahead

  6. As we alleviate our cognitive dissonances, we use our minds to create new and improved systems, scientific innovation and technology

  7. We examine all systems layer-by-layer: 

    1. Physiological

    2.  Disability

    3. Self-care

    4.  Poverty-Financial

    5. Parental abuse and neglect

    6. Scholarships

    7. Salary negotiations

    8. Promotion negotiations

    9. Sales pitches/proposals/startup funding

    10. Investing

    11. Intellectual property

    12.  Safety

    13. Physical

    14. Psychological

    15. Emotional

    16. Cyber

    17. Financial

    18. Culture

    19. Gender norms

    20. Racial norms

    21. Cultural differences

    22. Family norms

    23. Moral norms

    24. Supportive vs Toxic culture

    25. Religion

    26. Religion-based bias

    27. Cults

    28. Psychology

    29. Nature - Environment

    30. Manufacturing-Technology-Ethics balance

    31.  Institutions

    32. Financial

    33. Academia

    34. Corporations

    35. Government

    36. Healthcare

    37. Legal system

We Integrate All Current Systems in a Hollistic and Harmonious Way

As we learn how all system's informational flow occurs, we: 

1. Examine how we could simplify existing informatonal flow

2. We develop a quick prototype of the simplified informational flow 

3. We submit our findings to the people of interest and establish more funding to enable us to learn more and help each other 

We Foster Change through Education and Innovation

  1. We cultivate a culture of intellectual bravery 

  2. We foster a culture of psychological safety 

  3. We challenge women to find flaws in the current systems. 

  4. We invite our participants to venture out of their tactical and functional silos, connect things that are not normally connected and create an opportunity for divergent thinking within safe limits 

  5. We listen with empathy.

  6. We respond construtively to disruptive ideas and bad news.

  7. We explain why we reject feedback. 

  8. We share our mistakes and ask exploratory questions

Here is an article how "To Foster Innovation, Cultivate a Culture of Intellectual Bravery"

We Create Human Centric Technology and STEM Centric Mentoring

  1. We keep Robots as Robots and Humans as Humans. 

    1. We treat our Robots and Machines as tools designed to manage our knowledge and alleviate heavy burdens that we encounter in our daily lives​

    2. We treat Humans as Humans: autonomous beings who are capable of making their own choices and decisions and having an autonomy to do so

  2. We introduce STEM into humanities and mentoring as technological and scientific safeguards who enable our creativity and foster our growth in a healthy way and be humans, not products.

  3. We educate about the danger of Humanizing Robots and Dehumanizing Humans and instead choose a different path. 

Here you can read Harvards Aricle about "Danger of Humanizing Machines and Dehumanizing Humans"

We Offer a Different Perspective due to Our Multicultural Experience 

  • We Offer a Different Perspective Due to our Multicultural Experience:

    1. Multicultural experience of living in the Soviet Union, Russia, South Korea, Brazil, China, Mexico, and the USA - the list to be continued as others join. 

    2. Faced environmental conditions with the highest femicide rate and the equally high homicide rate in the world in the 90ies Russia. 

    3. Faced forced equality stemming from erasing individualism in the Soviet Union.

    4. Faced heightened conflict and polarization from enhancing individualism in the USA. 

    5. Faced Communalist-based violence towards men and women of the East. 

    6. Faced Individualism-based violence towards men and women of the West. 

  • We are a combination of different voices: Female, male, non-binary, African-American, Caucasian, Latino, Australians, East Asian, South Asian, Native American, Tribal Nations,  Eastern European, Western European, African, Middle East, and many more​​

Join Us! 

We Reframe the Societal and Technological Perceptions of Women

  1. We Reframe the Face of Technology and Leadership

    1. We break steretypes reinforced by advertising 

    2. We break stereotypes reinforced by Theology and Philosophy 

    3. We counter Matilda Effect by highlighting generations of women whose contributions to STEM and humanity have been ignored, undermined and misattributed 

    4. We shield light on Demonized Female Goddesses across cultures

    5.  We break cultural stereotypes for women in Tech

      1. African-American women who work in Tech and have autism or ADHD are often called bipolar or "angry Black women", so they are expected to look more feminine. If they look more feminine, they are not given high quality work. 

      2. Asian-American women who work in Tech are often infantilized and dissmissed. 

      3. Eastern-European women who work in Tech are expected to look more masculine and are dismissed and are called "spies" if they look feminine. If  they speak assertively, they are called dictators. 

      4. White American women are expected to be more feminine to appear less threatening.

      5. Hispanic women are often perceived as "dumb" and "loud". 

      6. African women are often invisible and are not perceived as competent.

  2. We Scale Up Early Career Interventions ​

    1. We create space for gilrls and women to develop and fuel their intellectual curiosity​

    2. We provide thoughtful mentorship along the way 

  3. We work on transforming Recruitment and Workplace Culture by:​

    1. Modeling and incentivizing inclusive leadership​

    2. Brainstorm how to inclde diversity, equity and inclusion throughout the organization

    3. Share our diveristy, equity and inclusion metrics and goals to strengthen organizational accountability 

You can read more at Stanfords Social Innovation Review: "Leaky Pipelines or Broken Scaffolding? Supporting Women's Leadership in STEM" 

We Give You Safe Environment to Voice Your Struggles and Build Projects

  1. You do not have to know anything, be qualified to start playing with technology on this platfrom 

  2. You can let your mind go wild and write all possible obstacles and solutions 

  3. You do not have to fear critisism - we only give constructive feedback and you can learn, explore, ask questions and voice your critism here - you are safe 

  4. You can PLAY AND HAVE FUN! 

We Build Skill Sets to Eliminate Our Vulnerabilites

  1. Self-Defence 

  2. Leadership Skills: 

    1. Communication​

      1. Verbal​

      2. Non-verbal​

      3. Written​

    2. Corrective Feedback ​

    3. Vision and Strategy​

    4. Leadership Styles ​

    5. Ethics ​

    6. Law​

    7. Organizational psychology and theory​

  3. Technology:​

    1. Use the AI maturity curve and link it to human and environmental development.​

    2. Build technology in our or nature's image to address our current societal and environmental problems.​

    3. Aim to work with nature and society instead of rescuing them, conquering them, ignoring them, or saving them. ​

    4. Analytics​

    5. Automation​

    6. Data Science​

    7. Machine Learning​

    8. Cybersecurity 

  4. Product Management ​

  5. Process Management 

We Collaborate with Existing Institutions and Help Them To Transform Their Current Systems

We collaborate with experts who: 

1. Pick a Topic in their expertise and teach them in online workshops. 

2. Suggest and cover topics that they think are necessary for modern women to navigate the currently broken systems of beliefs and institutions. 

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