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Our mentorship goals are inspired by Torii - a transition from mundane to sacred. We thrive to identify and open your hidden abilities and to enable you to channel them to pass any gate of your choosing. 

Mentorship Options 

We match mentors with mentees of the desired profiles and missing skills with whom both feel comfortable and would resonate the most. Learning and teaching are a mutual process. We often learn when we teach and teach when we learn. 

If you want to be a mentor or a mentee on an individual basis,  please sign up below and feel free to suggest your own topic. Please follow our Mentorship Guidelines to protect the sacred process of learning and teaching. 

Mentors, please enter how many hours you are willing to donate. Sometimes even 15 minutes can change a person's life for the better. 

Mentorship Sign Up

Please select if you want to donate Mentor Hours or be a Mentee. This schedule is under construction to enable private signups. The topics are listed below or you can add you own. 

Mentorship Guidelines

Will be posted. 

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